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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

A drawer table is something very useful that once stood in every other dining room. However, during the last couple of years drawer tables seemed to be banned from the stage of sophisticated furniture design, leaving the scene to slim and pure but sometimes not very inspired tables.

The “Meilen” table is the contemporary reinterpretation of that old-fashioned drawer table. Highly functional yet striking in appearance “Meilen” combines the functionality of a drawer table with the straightforward aesthetics of a contemporary piece of furniture.

To achieve this clean and classy look six flush-fitting drawers are invisibly integrated into the desktop. The miter cut along the table plate leaves nothing but a precise shadow gap as an indicator of the drawers. The desktop itself looks bold but seems to hover over the base, thanks to the inclined table legs. Even the base, although hidden under the desktop, is carefully designed in every detail.

The whole table is made from solid walnut- or ash-wood. The manufacturing process combines high-tech wood machining with solid craftsmanship: Most parts are CNC-milled, but the final assembly, alignment and finish need to be done by skilled and experienced woodworkers.

“Meilen” measures 246 cm x 102 cm x 75 cm and it hit the market with success in 2010.