New Frontier Congressional Gold Medal

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
Entry Description

The Obverse (heads) and Reverse(tails) designs for the New Frontier Congressional Gold Medal presented to John Glenn,the first American to orbit the earth,and Apollo 11 astronauts,Neil Armstrong,Michael Collins and "Buzz" Aldrin.This medal,our nations highest honor,was presented to the recipients by the leadership of Congress in a ceremony in the Capitol's Rotunda on November 16,2011.


Joel Iskowitz is one of very few living artists to have work displayed at the White House,the Capitol and the Pentagon. Mr.Iskowitz's work has been featured in many international journals. A recently completed mural which chronicles the history of aviation technology has been installed at the entry to the Department of the AIR FORCE area in the Pentagon.His obverse design for the 2009 Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar Flew aboard NASA's Altlantis Space Shuttle. He continues to present his artwork in illustrated lectures at universities and professional organizations

Awards and Prize

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