The Mira Office

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The concept is to resemble the memory of mankind living in pre-historical ages- forest, cave, ocean- a reminiscent of the most basic condition that encourage people to rethink the most essence of every matter for generating new idea. Therefore, the meeting room emerges as forest from wall to ceiling with lighting diffusing from tree branches. Another meeting room with irregular white walls creates a metaphor of cave. Mind lab adopts the ocean concept of blue wave translucent glass panels for writing with jellyfish shape featured light installed. Colors are employed to project a vivid ambience in the workspace to create a high-energy feel.


DPWT Design Ltd aims to explore new possibilities in different design realm, including Architecture, Interior, and Product design and blending the different domains in a synchronizing state. It has been manifesting design realization in architecture and interior projects in a thoughtful process and balances the aesthetic and functional values. Each project is being treated as an individual expression of some hidden human sensitivities /perception.
DPWT Design Director-Arthur studied architecture in University of Hong Kong and received his Master of Environmental and Sustainable Design in Chinese University of Hong Kong and Master of Fine Arts in RMIT University. His works is widely published in London, Italy, Australia, and throughout Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and Hong Kong. He was invited to feature his works in 1000 architects in Australia. He engages in different overseas and local exhibitions and currently a Doctor of Fine Art candidate in RMIT University.
DPWT has office in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.