Lead Designer
ClientMarcela Landgrave
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays
Entry Description

To celebrate its 20 year presence in the country, the audience measurement firm IBOPE AGB
Mexico, sought to make themselves known to the mass audience and decided to expose some of
the information collected over the decades, into a format for public exhibition during a
month in the National Anthropology Museum.

Museum asked us to develop the exhibition concept from information provided by IBOPE, we
created the curatorial texts, scripts, graphics, multimedia and audiovisual production. We
translated hard data into a series of pieces that clearly explained and accessible to the
visitors, the main points of the functions that run inside the IBOPE for the
communications industry and its impact on daily life of Mexicans.

Floors graphics in a media time line as introduction, we cover the importance of counting
for humanity from ancient times to the modern methodologies oriented to media sector in a
video. We remember our last 30 years lifestyles with 3 rooms, we show our use of radio and
television in some infographic walls, a motion graphics video to know about tv rating, an
audiorama as listeners, wall cedules and graphics of consumer profiles and how they are
measured impacts of outdoor advertising, interactive applications to know the habits of
Internet users, among others pieces, using the main corporative color palette to create a
subtle IBOPE positioning in to the exhibition.

This exhibition was a successful project based on communicaction graphic design which had
an attendance of more than 20,000 visitors, exceeding four times the original expectation.


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