Lead Designer
ClientCristina Jorge de Carvalho
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

Champalimaud Foundation _Investigation Center | 2010

CJC was invited to submit a proposal for the Interior Design
for the new Research Centre of the Champalimaud
Foundation due to inaugurate this current year.

With both a research and treatment component, it is a
place where you want the patient to have a ‘close’ link
searching for its own cure – the humanization of the space
is implied.

Based on the immensity of space, the main objective was
the creation of spaces / areas inside this same space in
order to decrease it to the human scale and provide

In defining the different areas we met the different
requirements of potential users, creating multiple options of
leisure, more or less intimate, more or less comfortable
and / or formal.

The spatial connection between interior / exterior is a
physical characteristic of the building itself, so a starting
point for the developing the concept.
The evocation of nature is thus a basic and recurrent
element, either through the use of natural materials like
wood, straw and linens, either through light projections on
the walls that dialogue with outside gardens showing its
variations of movement and foliage.

The colours are sober and clear, quiet and peacefully
seeking the evocation of feelings and emotions of energy,
positivity and peace. These emotions are also expressed
through graphic projections that receive visitors at the

The design pieces by CJC are combined with the design
classics in a contemporary language that is intended to be
calm and comfortable.


Cristina Jorge de Carvalho was born in Mozambique, Africa, and lives in Lisbon her city of choice and her constant departure and arrival point for her innumerous travels, either for pleasure , work or for the continuous search for new inspirations.
In Lisbon, she finished her degree in Business Management in ISCTE. But her strong passion for arquitecture and aesthetics motivated her to move to London where she concluded an Interior Design degree on Inchbald School of Design.

Back to Lisbon, in 1998, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho founded the atelier CJC – Interior Design and Architecture that today employs a team of several highly qualified professionals in these two areas of expertise.

The contemporary, elegant and discreet vision that Cristina Jorge de Carvalho imprints to all the spaces where she intervenes has granted her several national and international clients such as hotels, SPA, show apartments, business offices and private residences.

The exceptional quality of her work and her timeless style are visible and internationally recognized through several international awards and also as a professional member of IDA