No Print Book

Lead Designer
ClientChinese Character Training Center
Prize(s)1st Place in Print / Books
Entry Description

The book project is called Chinese Character Practice Book—No Print Book.I design these books which gives learners tactile and visual way to learn Chinese characters not only for sighted people and also blind people. Instead of printing the Chinese Character Practice Book Traditionally which can be harmful to the environment, I hollowed out the characters in the books. The white lines go through the Braille holes to form two Chinese characters on the cover. The books are hand bound without the use of any glue.


Li Xu and Qin Zou are from China ,they are an instructor in art department of Hezhou University, Guangxi China., Li Xu and Qin Zou are one of the founders and curator of 2010 Cross-strait Outstanding Designers' Poster Invitational Exhibition, they stay in Prague to continue study now. Li Xu and Qin Zou have received some important awards. Such as The Honorary prize at the 2008 Olympic Digital Arts Exhibition of 2008 Olympic Fine Arts, The first prize at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou posters Design Competition, China, The Best Guide Award at the 2007 Design Against Fur competitions,The Honorary prize at the 26th Summer Universiade Mascot Design Contest. They also exhibited their works at many important biennial and triennial exhibitions in: USA,Warsaw , Lahti, Teheran , Trnava ,Mexico, Bolivia , Ukraine , Moscow, Hong Kong , Shanghai ,Hangzhou, etc.

Awards and Prize