Embo Hospital

Lead Designer
ClientDr. Shirley Wei
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Embo Hospital (Foxconn Technology Group)

"Flow is the design, Staircase is the heart."
The design is rising beyond traditional boundaries for a hospital, particularly the transformation of the mundane walls are now developed into a progression of vibrating curved lines. The staircase is shaped smoothly into fluid forms responding to the rest of the space, ending the inconvenience of the vertical commute providing an open atmosphere of sublime lighting. Thus, the opening drawn by the skywalk and staircase forming like an embryo, symbolizes the beginning of life and the main purpose of this hospital- a place of hope, miracles and new lives. Not only had the environment created a new inspiration for global hospitals but world wide services.
Aiming to respect the environmental aspect, actual recycled marbles were selected for the flooring material. Placing them piece by piece onto the floor, we not only reuse but also sustain raw material. The usage of marble simultaneously reflects the goals of hospital: to rejuvenate and restore.


Long-Tsai Enterprise was established in 1978, founded by Ching-I Wu & Melody Tsai. With rich experiences in the project integration of interior design and landscape design, the company has achieved wide acclaims at home and abroad for more than 30 years.

"Residences are precious because of the resident.
Design is previous because it is intangible."

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