Urbis72 2011 calendar

Lead Designer
Prize(s)1st Place in Print / Calendars
Entry Description

Calendar for the year 2011 for the architectural bureau Urbis 72. The table version corresponds to the wall variant, which in turn works like some sort of basic architectural first aid package. The wall calendar includes the basic chart, ruler, scalpel and glue - tools that call for interaction and building and suggest development, progress and building of our own prosperous 2011.


Parabureau is an award winning design consultancy specialized in branding, graphic, and product design. The company operates since 2004, and was launched by two established designers - Marko Baus and Igor Stanisljevic.
From product design to visual identity, Parabureau consistently applies the idea of functionality in all its projects.
Branding makes an important segment of the work and actions of Parabureau. Through all its phases and elements, Parabureau has professional and serious approach to this detailed and comprehensive process, and the result is recognizable quality and, consequently, commercial success. With knowledge, experience and creative games, Parabureau analyzes and defines each element of the brand and then position it on the market, following its further development, and reception.
Parabureau participated in various international exhibitions and competitions, winning numerous awards and prizes.