Nike - Bloed Oranje

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Multimedia / Website Design
Entry Description

In order to promote the 2010 World Cup from a Dutch perspective, Momkai was asked to design and build an online campaign for Nike. In essence, the Nike Art Challenge consists of portraits of five young Dutch artists and the work they have specifically created for the project, based on their love for football.

In addition to showcasing the artists work, we have allowed the visitor to vote for their favorite of the five. A challenge was born and with the implemented Facebook, Twitter and Hyves services the campaign was off to a running start via social media.

A photoshoot with J. de Bakker was arranged to showcase the artist and their work. To make sure that visitors of the gallery could give their vote as well, an instore column was designed. This housed a Mac with the website running on it.

A second run of the campaign featured five sculptures to support the Dutch football team of which illustrations were made in-house by Momkai.

Feel free to visit and experience this project yourself.

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