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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Direct Mail
Entry Description

As part of their customer service programme, LEXUS Singapore celebrates each client’s birthday every year with a birthday card filled with special privileges at 5-star hotels in Singapore. Specially designed vouchers, detailing the respective privileges, are creatively formed and presented in the card. The challenge faced was to develop creative ways to present the vouchers for subsequent birthday cards based on the personality of the respective hotels in the following years.

To reflect Shangri-La Hotel’s image as a leading luxury hotel in Singapore, offering a legendary hospitality in a tranquil resort setting, an exotic tropical design is created for this direct mailer. With discreet touches of gold hot stamping on parts of the graphic, the distinctive feature of the hotel, ie. the 15 acres of luxuriant botanical gardens, is emphasised in this card. The ‘wing-style’ opening of the cover is also like a warm welcome opening of the hotel doors to the recipient to the special privileges enclosed.

Icons were developed for individual vouchers reflecting these privileges and these icons were also visible once the vouchers are removed.


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