PACT Retail Packaging

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

Everything we design for PACT needs to represent the brand’s ethics: Nothing artificial or superficial, not with the body, not with the partnerships, not with the packaging. Our design for PACT’s retail packaging is both sustainable and easily adaptable while maintaining a low cost of production.
Our system consists of only 2 boxes, one for each sex, that uses identifying stickers and cardboard inserts to accommodate each different style, print and partnership. The boxes and stickers are made from 100% recycled/recyclable paper and the glue used is biodegradable. All components of the package are made from the same paper stock, printing is one color and done with soy ink. Thus, everything can be thrown into the recycling or compost, allowing for all materials to be reused. In designing such a simple solution for PACT, we ensured that as the brand changes and grows, the packaging system could grow with it, negating the need for wasteful re-designs.
The design is more than just responsible – it is fun, approachable and uniquely PACT. The whimsical die-cut windows on the front expose the expressive prints and colors of the underwear, while the square PACT logo sits prominently between them. The style sticker lives directly over the logo, and expresses the style contained in the box. In order to keep the system as minimal and cost effective as possible, the box itself has only generic PACT brand messaging, allowing the same run to be used for all partnerships and styles. However, inside, each pair of underwear is wrapped around a card that speaks to the specific partnership and cause the individual pair benefits.
In addition to its iconic expression of the important brand facets of PACT, the packaging system stands out in retail environments. It is unique to the underwear industry, where merchandise is traditionally displayed on hangers or tables. The box has an integrated POS structure that could be placed anywhere from a table in a boutique to a designed structure in a larger department store.