Series 28

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

The 28 series is a result of a glass blowing technique developed by Omer Arbel whereby air is intermittently blown in and then sucked out of an in- termittently heated and then cooled glass matrix. The result is a distorted spherical shape with a composed collection of inner shapes, one of which houses a low voltage 20watt halogen/xenon lamps or a proprietary 0.25 watt LED head. 28 pendants are designed to cluster in hexagonal shapes which nestle into each other to create patterns as dictated by the needs of the interior. They may also be clustered or composed in an ambient man- ner similar to their distant cousin, the 14 series.
The fabrication technique employed and refined by Arbel ensures that each pendant produced is completely unique in form from every other pendant - the pieces are shaped more or less by accident during produc- tion. The chandelier is height adjustable, and can range in size from 3 to 19 pendants organized in a central sculptural configuration, or in an ambi- ent composition.


Omer Arbel, born in Jerusalem, is a Vancouver-based, 34-year-old architect and designer. He is the founder of OAO, an award-winning architectural and design practice, and Creative Director of Bocci, an innovative manufacturer of industrial design objects, furniture, lighting and architectural building technologies. His latest projects include the designs for the 2010 winter Olympics medals and award-winning interiors for Ping’s Café, a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver and a design installation at the prestigious Spazio Rosanna Orlandi during Milan Design Week 2010.
Arbel’s projects cover a broad range, from luxurious private residences, such as the recently complete 23.2 house, to bespoke lighting installations such as the 28 chandelier, to the innovative yet accessibly priced electrical wall units of the 22 series. He is also the winner of the Ronald J. Thom award 2010.

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