CompanyPTang Studio Ltd
Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

This flat has a total floor of 4000s.f. interior and a 200s.f. terrace. It consists of living and dining spaces, family room and 3 bedrooms, which occupies the whole 68th floor of the building. It surrounds the main service core of the building - lift lobby, plant rooms, staircases etc. Thus it enjoys a 360 degree view of the Hong Kong Island North.

The scenery of Victoria Park and Victoria Harbour is highlighted by the sky terrace which just right in front of the main door of the apartment. The sky terrace also connects the separated living and dining area. Designer uses a mural painting along the corridor to create the continuity of the whole area. In another corridor area, different colours of triangular leather panels combine as a wall with layers and 3-dimensional feeling.
In master bedroom, designer removes the wall between the bedroom and closet area, replaced by a glass wardrobe. It visually enlarges the space and creates a modern contemporary atmosphere.

In the apartment, designer puts different wall treatments in different area to form a rich feeling; they include wooden panels, leather panels, wallpaper, marbles, and mirrors. Each elevation is a piece of wall artwork itself. Every piece of material and accessory are specially selected by designer. Once entering the apartment, you would feel like visiting a museum. This is a good example and presentation of luxury living.