Air Lamp design

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

The AIR LAMP represents ideal combination of the materials, verified proportions and is manufactured by application of laser technologies. The light stream is going from depth, through easy fabric folds, shows transparent sides of a skeleton of the lamp and constrained shine of the organza. Skeleton of the lamp is projected on walls by soft verticals, he creates sensation of a pacification, a relaxation and calmness.

1. Calculation of a skeleton (Plexiglas) and fabric strips (organza) concerning the sizes of the fixture.
2. Manufacture of a skeleton from organic glass is done by laser technology.
3. Fabrics are cut by hand.
4. Design gathering is made manually. The skeleton has no any fixing element of other material – all is fastened by accurate adjustment of details, made of organic glass.
5. A fabric stretch is a final process. The fixture (clip) is carried out by 4 the sectors clamping a fabric on the top circle.