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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Energy Conservation Equipment
Entry Description

Humanscale takes on the indoor air crisis with its latest innovation: the Humanair Personal Zone Air Purifier. Featuring ZON™ technology, Humanair is poised to set a new standard for air purification.

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified indoor air pollution as one of the top five most urgent environmental risks to public health. Traditional air purifiers, however, have failed to address this concern adequately as research shows that traditional room-based air purifiers are ineffective at delivering clean air to the room occupant. Moreover, HEPA-based products are noisy and require expensive, ongoing filter replacement, and traditional electrostatic precipitator devices produce excessive ozone, a toxic gas that can harm the lungs.

A much-needed solution for improving indoor air quality, Humanair employs patented technology that was originally developed in Sweden for industrial air cleaning applications. Utilizing a tightly coiled paper filter that offers more surface area for particle capture than any other air purification technology, Humanair removes more than 99 percent of all airborne particulates—dust, smoke, bacteria, allergens, smog, viruses, and even Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), like formaldehyde—for the cleanest air possible. To support environmental sustainability, the paper filter can be easily vacuumed and reused or replaced and recycled with other paper products.

What sets Humanair apart from traditional air purifiers is that it was designed to direct clean air exactly where it’s needed: where the user breathes. By creating a zone of clean around the individual, Humanair ensures that the user will actually breathe clean air – something room air purifiers are unable to do. Its unique design operates in virtual silence, with no noticeable draft, and its patented technology produces zero ozone. And its compact size allows for easy placement in virtually any location.

With just 22 watts of energy consumption and a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130, Humanair exceeds Energy Star requirements by over 200 percent—making it by far the most effective and efficient air purifier available.

Humanair has been garnering international attention since its launch: it has been honored with a Best of NeoCon Gold Award and a Buildings Product Innovations Grand Prize Award; Popular Science called it “A desktop air purifier with industrial strength;” and the Museum of Modern Art featured a Humanair prototype in its exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind.