Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Accessory / Bags

Chang Ying, a designer well-regarded by critics for her gifted talent. 
Without receiving any formal training or paying much attention to ever-changing fashion world, Chang Ying focuses on design with souls. 
Childhood passion and fascination on weaving has paved her way to the innate sense of beauty and design instincts.
Chang Ying fascinates complex patterns and textures. Each and every handicraft, monument, traditional costume, color and texture that she comes across in her travels are all her inspiration. She believes that each weaving pattern has its unique soul and expression, together with the diverse colors and textures of leathers, her bags are generating profoundly rich emotions and affections. Chang Ying expressed her own feelings and attitudes to the world through her bags. She hopes, no matter when and where, anyone carrying her bags would appreciate her thoughts in design and live out her style.
Chang Ying doesn’t see herself as a fashion designer. She is a dream maker instead. She has her own way to observe the world. With this instinct, she merges weaving and leather together in a way out of the impossible. CY's on-going breakthrough of the handbag design tradition, rejuvenates weaving art with a brand new soul. Each CY classic design demonstrates terrific weaving skills and exquisite attention to details. Each bag is unique and original. Each process is purely Chang Ying’s handcraft. Thus, yes, it takes time. Yet it’s worth waiting; as you will never know how the next CY astonishing masterpiece is going to surprise you.