Holiday Tours Office

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

Concept: Beyond Ordinary

Client brief & design Rational
The 8 levels office block measured 45,000 sqft with over 200 staffs and none of staff owns an enclosed room, even the director. The director stresses to seek for a non conventional office. The unique method of engagement provided open collaboration, and supplied a direct sense of ownership by creating community environment throughout the entire office.

Making it fun, free and an enjoyable place to work in, designer extended beyond purely functional aspects, and provided the common area a strong visual and more aesthetically enjoyable and entertaining qualities to stimulate creativity, efficiency and collaboration.

On every floor, Designers have formed a centralized bar/pantry cum dining/discussion as design feature welcoming to every level. This centralized common area, indirectly creating a foyer open to office, provides a great choice of distinctive emotional, visual experiences and community gathering activities.

Office layout was designed with Feng Shui orientated and in system form but sensuously open for maximum adaptability so that all groups and departments can use any part of the office space and flexibility for growth expanding.

The ground floor retail zone was established with concept for free & dynamic, allowing the decorative design feature flowing from mezzanine, ceiling to form pelmet, computer desk, and sitting benches, and down to the ground, connecting design visual with the floor above. – Mezzanine, that forms meeting rooms.

Mezzanine- The decorative forms shape the 3 meeting rooms creating the link structure and leave the rest entire floor open for training purpose. Designers have created an extra big motorized door also as mobile wall panels of which it offers the flexibility of room size by enclosing an area to turn it to conference room if need.

Designers also maximized space by creating another floor at double volume of level 9, and walk through the roof top. We introduced a freestanding staircase as design feature and value the aged building poster to navigate the history throughout the building.

Work and play are not mutually exclusive. The working areas were therefore designed with a staffs chill out corner at level 6 where equipped with music hut, TV room, Bar & chill, library & reading, dine and relax, and boxing release corner…… creating community working living environment and enhance communication between the different working groups and teams.

The material, we layered our creation by introducing egg crate for ceiling to provide acoustic while exposed all ceiling slab and bare cement render flooring. Concept of rugged pronounced & bolder statement of the space, have altered the inner character of what was in most cases exclusively treated.

Design cultivates an energized and inspiring work environment that is relaxed but focused and buzzing with activities, ultimately forms a concept as a whole.