Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description


Project: Architectural Studio «NefaResearch»
authors: Boris Voskoboynikov, Dmitry Ovcharov.
light designer: Timur Kikalishvili
Furniture: Steelcase Office Solutions.
Light: Dark light, Modular, Emme Pi Light, BiffiLuce, IdeaLux,
Flooring: Abet Group.
area of 10368 sq.ft.
Completed in February 2009

Noble estate of the 1830's in the center of Moscow harbors
well-known international advertising agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI
Building is a historical monument.
In Soviet times, when the house was occupied by "Red Cross",
original old interior has been lost.

Wanting to preserve the spirit of tradition, the architects created a re -
fragments of stucco, exposed brickwork. To create a sense
novelty and freshness, using bright colors and modern
materials. Stressing the dynamic space, in contrast
inscribed in huge bright sculptural art objects.
For example, instead of the traditional logo on the entrance desk
Reception is solved in a huge red icon “&”.
Slope of each other blue structures represent the place
of secretaries. The partitions between the tables and shelves
made of thick porous polycarbonate “LEXAN” (different color material
shares space into different zones );
“LEXAN” also trimmed some of the walls and staircase to the mezzanine.
The green design-object table, forming a meeting zone, has
built-in light, plasma TV and speakers. Countertop is made from triplex
glass. The original brickwork cleaned and painted in several layers, so that it looked like a can more texture . Without making changes to the original layout of the building-monument, the architects reviewed the later partitions and , where possible, have created open space. In the working zone of open space architects also used bold color.
Large white lights-turbines are perceived as art objects.

Dmitry Ovcharov, Boris Voskoboynikov, architectural studio
NefaResearch: «We are already familiar with the agency Saatchi &
Saatchi, we did representational of their previous office.
Then it was part of ground floor office building, and now --
stand-alone classic mansion. Unlike many colleagues
from the world of advertising at Saatchi is no "brand-book" with clear principles of design space.
We ourselves had to catch the atmosphere of the company and
send it to the interior. Founder of the Agency- Charles Saatchi , man that shapes
the world of contemporary art , so the problem was
difficult. The concept noted in the head office: apparently, "the spirit of Saatchi"
was saved . The architects said that working with such
customer was interesting: the management and employees – are open and
creative people , and decisions are taken fast without delay and lengthy negotiations.