Herman Miller Twist

Lead Designer
Prize(s)1st Place in Home Interior Products
Entry Description

The Twist LED task light is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly solution that provides value, simplicity and personal control for individual users. Twist is a blend of the latest technology and refined aesthetics. With its thin, tubular profile, the Twist LED task light is distinguished by its clean, simple aesthetics. Lightweight and easy to manipulate, its features characterize its name, Twist.

We designed TWIST LED task lighting to demonstrate Herman Miller’s continual leadership in innovation, performance, and sustainability by using fewer raw materials and providing a lighting solution that’s efficient to operate and maintain. TWIST uses less material, uses an extremely efficient lighting source (Twist uses two 3.5-Watt LEDs that consume 40-50% less energy than traditional undershelf lighting) and enables the user to individually control the lighting experience.

TWIST has the option to daisy chain up to 4 lights together to create a total lighting ecosystem throughout an entire workspace. This allows the user to control the wash of the light either on the wall or on their work surface. TWIST is flexible by easily attaching to multiple surfaces with the use of magnets.

Twist LED task light was designed to leave a tiny carbon footprint in all aspects of its production and use. Like most LED lights, Twist contributes to CO2 reductions. Because it’s made from minimal material, Twist requires less energy to produce, and its low profile requires minimal packaging so more units can be shipped at once, reducing the amount of energy needed to ship. Additionally, Twist contains no hazardous materials and its components are recyclable.