Mission ONE Motorbike

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

The project was to create the name, identity and positioning for a brand new electric motorcycle company (Mission Motors) that would also translate to the launch of their first motorcycle “the Mission One”. The bike as well as the brand is all about performance, as opposed to most electric cycle brands that speak of eco-friendly operation or overt references to the electric technology. This new brand identity was then implemented across a variety of touch points including a logo, the motorcycle itself, collateral, kiosks, website, etc.

- To define an identity appropriate to a new class of motorcycle – One that lives between the typically “green-eco forward” electric bikes and the traditional aggressive, gasoline-powered sportbikes.
- To create a brand that lives in a more premium world, clearly differentiated from any existing electric motorcycle identity.
- To have a brand identity that reflects the iconic nature of the design of the bike, but allows room for the brand to grow when other motorcycle models are added under the Mission banner
- To create an iconic brand recognition thought strong colors, typography, language
- To humanize our messaging in the way we speak about the brand. Use analogies that make sense to the rider, that talk both of the emotional benefits of the bike (“no sound, no shift, no exhaust, just the wind in your face and the road ahead” and to the technical aspects of the bike
- To stand apart from other high performance motorcycle brands out there while still maintaining a connection to the larger motorcycle heritage.
- All elements of the brand come together to tell a complete, unified, holistic story. Through the forward thinking technology of the bike, to the design of the bike, to all branding materials that surround the bike and brand; Mission has really redefined what high-performance motorcycling looks and feels like.
- The brand identity reflects the sleek yet refined story of the bike. The identity is a strong, memorable icon that feels like a modernized crest…bridging the gap between the existing gasoline-powered motorcycle heritage and the innovative technology Mission stands for. The identity stands alone to represent the brand and has a small, but strong presence on the bike. The icon is easily transferable to all other elements of branding, from collateral to the website, etc.
- Elegant color palette. Mission Motors colors are the classic black and white, with a hint of copper as an accent color…to add a premium feel. This copper color also relates to the copper formula used in the motorcycle’s proprietary battery technology.
- The fonts used for the brand are elegant yet modern. We’ve combined a strong bold san serif with a more elegant serif to give the viewer the feel that the brand is premium and established, trusting, as well as forward thinking and modern
- The brand is designed to not age. The icon, the colors, and the typography all speak to something that can stay current as the brand lives on.