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Salvaged threads

CompanyCoral by Seema
Lead DesignersSeema Mathias
ClientCoral by Seema( own brand)
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Fashion Designs / Recycle / Sustainable fashion
Entry Description

A collection created for my sustainable brand using Piñatex® made of fibre from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant. These leaves are a by-product from existing pineapple harvest, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce.
Ropes used are made by 'Retyrement plan'-Mumbai, using waste scraps of cotton cloth from garment factories hiring migrant workers thereby giving them employment.


‘CoralbySeema’ is a way to channelise my love for nature combined with free flowing creativity. I want people to feel loved and move one step closer to nature when they wear my creations; made from lengths of cloth hand-dyed and printed using ingredients from nature. I am committed to being an ecologically sustainable brand that will leave unforgettable impressions in the world.
I have the gratification of creating a design and bring it to life. Art has my heart & soul and I’m forever grateful to have found my calling to create beautiful tomorrows for our planet earth.

Awards and Prize

IDA 2020-silver-Sustainable fashion-bag design.
IDA 2020-bronze Accessory design.
IDA 2020-bronze- sustainable fashion-bag/footwear design.
IDA 2020-honorable mention- two other entries in footwear design.