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CompanyMaxwell Design llc.
Lead DesignersAnthony W. Phills
Design TeamAnthony Phills, Navid Lancaster, Reyad Bader, Subhajit Nath, Abhik Kumar Mitra, Debayan Kumar Das, Imran Hossen
ClientImmersive Learning.ai
Prize(s)Silver in Multimedia / Interactive Media
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Documenting Black History in Augmented Reality (AR): An exciting and innovative learning experience crafted by renowned artist, Anthony W. Phills. His United States premiere installation of “UNBREAKABLE” is the first Augmented Reality (AR) tour of its kind that literally immerses the user into an African’s journey to antebellum America. Unbreakable AR Exhibit comes to you with two AR experiences; (1) Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis in app & (2) Tour: Enslaved Person with Slaveholder in selected cities in the US - http://bit.ly/unbreakable_intro and http://bit.ly/unbreakable_app


Anthony Phills an enigma, a rare Renaissance man with highly developed right and left-brain executive functions. This is the only plausible explanation for the enormous breath of his creative talent. On one hand Anthony excels at self-control, planning, reasoning and is capable of abstract thought. On the other hand he has a heightened sense of language and visual-spatial ability. Anthony’s creative aptitudes encompass author, visual storyteller, full stack designer, photographer, design evangelist, inventor, serial entrepreneur, and then some.

Awards and Prize

2021 EU Patent for DoubleUp Baby Bottle
2020 IDA Silver Winner - Multimedia-Interactive Media: Unbreakable
2019 New Media Film Festival Official Selection - Podcast Knight Trilogy
2018 LUX Magazine Best Full Stack Designer
2013 National Geographic Photo of the Day August 19th
2013 Digital Magazine Awards Finalist
2 CODIE: SIIA 2005 Best Digital Rights Management Solution Tool Bar and SIIA 2001 Best Digital Rights Management Instant Clearing Service, iCopyright
1 US Patent for KeyRules