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CompanyPetal, LLC
Lead DesignersScott Henderson
Design TeamScott Henderson (Industrial), Brian Petz (Engineering), Primoz Cresnik (Engineering)
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Household appliances, Silver in Children Products / Nursery products
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Entry Description

Petal is a new home appliance that freezes organic waste in minutes–neutralizing germs and completely eliminating associated odors. It was created to solve persistent problems in the home: providing sanitary waste disposal (diapers for babies & the aging; food and pet waste, incontinence & feminine hygiene products); reducing the nuisance barrier to composting in urban environments; and stopping the spread of disease and microbial threats without breading bacterial resistance. Petal solves for these problems through a physical form that's easy and safe, and simple and familiar to understand.


Founded in 2020, Petal is a high-tech consumer goods company with a revolutionary appliance poised to forever supplant traditional waste disposal methods.

Its first namesake product, Petal, is the world’s first zero-odor, germ-freezing waste bin and the only disposal device on the market that naturally stops rot, eliminates stink, and halts the spread of germs.

Uniquely designed to fit into any room of your home, Petal freezes everything from diapers and food scraps to pet waste and incontinence products, leaving you with a home that feels fresh and clean, because it is.