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CompanyFadi Nasr
Lead DesignersFADI NASR
Prize(s)Silver in Accessory / Accessories ( Eyewear, watches, gloves, Hat, Belts
Entry Description

Bellula (from Libellula - Dragonfly in Italian)

One morning dew on a sleepy leaf and a dragonfly ready to fly beyond.
Dragonflies have always been a symbol of change and self-realization. Their elegant flight across the water mirrors flying beyond what’s on the surface to seek with grace life’s most meaningful face.

Two overlapping lenses joined by a shimmering golden metallic frame to double the UV protection and to bring a third color in the middle from the fusion of the other two. Tiny jewels are inserted in the earpieces to add an extra glamour to this dragonfly’s poetry.


I’m a Mediterranean Poet Designer based in Milan. ‘Behind every good Design there’s a grateful poetry’

I've always had a passion for digital painting and the storytelling that stands behind each artwork or design. Any idea might be common if it doesn't cross our hearts and kiss our minds - that is what good design is all about to me > Connections.

Awards and Prize

*IDA Award 2019 for SALTRA eyewear.
*1st prize winner as a product/fashion designer ADCI Garments' district and Domus Academy competition, 2019
*Rewired project for GOOGLE's TALKING CRAFTS exhibition developed by DRIADE | DOMUS ACADEMY, 2019
*Special Mention | Scholarship in Cappellini contest Tales & Tables, Cappellini | Istituto Marangoni - The School of Design, Milan 2018
*Best product design project - Rado Star Prize 2018 | Superdesignshow for the project AWAY, a headset that transforms the surrounding noise into the sound of the sea as a constant reminder of the essential language of Nature Super Studio, Milan 2018
*After The Sun project - Special Effects for ILVA | Superdesignshow, a golden wood-like paint that embellishes every vein of wood underneath Super Studio, Milan 2018
*The highest ranking on LVMH platform as the most active member SDareLVMH, Venice 2018