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Symantec's Norton Today,  | International Design Awards Winners
Symantec's Norton Today,  | International Design Awards Winners

Symantec's Norton Today

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Multimedia / Online Advertising Design, Bronze in Multimedia / Interface Design
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Entry Description

FINE created Norton Today to engage the highly important "Wired" segment and combat any lingering perceptions of Symantec's Norton brand as slower and less current than upstart competitors. The audience is tech-savvy, style-conscious, and looking for compelling design and content such as they might see in their favorite magazines. like Wired or Dwell. The result is a cross between online community and online publication, with content ranging from the useful editorial to the irreverent entertainment. Many articles are coupled with ?Flashy? features that provide a visual alternative to words. You can download papercraft bots to create at home. You can call in to a ?real geek? to ask questions for inclusion in his podcasts. And you can submit a ?Nortonized? video to demonstrate the superior speed and performance of Norton software in a metaphor of your choosing. The design and the net effect is unlike anything seen in the consumer software industry today, and the security software segment in particular.


It takes a rare blend of three divergent capabilities to produce compelling design and communications these days. Since its inception 14 years ago, every FINE project persistently fuses art and science, solid logic and reckless inspiration, primitive intuition and cutting-edge know-how. And the results are somehow both refreshingly unexpected and exactly what you envisioned.

You should have those sessions with designers where you feel slightly mystified and wholly exhilarated by what you see. The language of 1s and 0s joins the vocabulary of words, colors and shapes as crucial elements in every successful project. It?s the reaction we expect after conceiving enough identities to populate a suburb, designing enough print to span the Golden Gate, and creating so much web content we need a search engine to recall it. And be comforted - we are just as exhilarated by what you say to us about your business.