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Hear the light

UniversityNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersLang-Wen Ma、Jing-Wei Tang
Project LocationMusée du Louvre, Paris
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
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Entry Description

Museum and gallery has always been considered as an artistic palace. In order to protect these artworks,「Don’t touch」is an indispensable sign in every exhibition around the world. However, it might be the forbidden area for those people having visually impaired that longing for the art, because there is no anything for them to perceive. Therefore, this temporary exhibition situated at the Musée du Louvre is designed to operate the natural light and environmental control system with biomimetic human throat structure to generate several frequency of sounds to differentiate the exhibition spaces.


Now studying in the Department of Architectural Design National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.