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Cycling Through the Trees

CompanyBurolandschap - De Gregorio and Partners
Lead DesignersPieter Daenen
Design TeamPieter Daenen, Jasper Goffin, Heidi Nijs
Project LocationHechtel-Eksel
ClientVisit Limburg
CreditsVisit Limburg
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Arches, bridges, viaducts and gateways
Entry Description

The cycle path adds a unique experience to the Limburg cycle route network. Cyclists ride 700 metres along a cycle bridge – a double circle 100 metres in diameter – that rises gradually (gradient of 3-4%) to a height of 10 metres before then descending again, giving cyclists a sensational 360° experience.
For the sake of safety, cycling is one-way and there is an unobtrusive wire net with a handrail. The new cycle bridge sits on a structure of 449 unique columns made of weathered steel to symbolise the trunks of the pine trees, so the entire structure blends beautifully into its environment.


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