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Beggar's Wharf Arts Complex

CompanyTen to One
Lead DesignersGarrick Jones
Design TeamGraciela Hodgson, Garrick Houston, Sharvari Mhatre, Mitchell Rasor MRLD
Project LocationRockland Maine
ClientRockland Maine City Planning Department
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

The Beggar’s Wharf Arts Complex and redevelopment design vision has been commissioned by the Rockland Maine City Planning Department as part of their rezoning and development of the post-industrial brownfield waterfront district. The project posits an eco-system for culturally adventurous Mainers and visitors, prioritizing and intermingling open spaces and event spaces, leisure and work spaces, exterior and interior. The Arts Complex is a collective of institutional spaces and ancillary mixed-use spaces which together act as stewards for the public park spaces in, around, and on the complex.