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50th Parallel Estate Winery

CompanySAHURI + Associates Architecture Inc.
Lead DesignersTim Sahuri, Principal, Architect AIBC
Design TeamJoanne Smith, Partner, Architect AIBC, Lee Miller, Associate, Architect AAA, Alana Soderberg
Project LocationLake Country, British Columbia, Canada
Client50th Parallel Estate
CreditsPhotos Courtesy of 50th Parallel Estate
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

Design objective of this project was to marry a wine production building, wine tasting building, and wine caves into the architectural complex as one simple yet iconic concept. The building incrementally transitions from the production facility which grounds the building, to event space, to a unique open air, seasonal wood-fire il forno bistro, and culminating with a ‘Glass House’ tasting room. The entire facility is sheltered by the continuing cantilevered roof line. The play of openings and structural elements lends a sense of movement to the building.