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The Royal Danish Theatre

CompanyMyefski Architects
Lead DesignersJohn Myefski
Design TeamJosh Sacks, Brian Wagner, Chris Myefski, Morten Kristensen
Project LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
ClientDanish Ministry of Culture
CreditsRenderings: Myefski and Quantum Design Studio
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

The Royal Danish Theatre combines the elements of land and water that make Copenhagen unique. Inspired by the maritime setting, the theatre extends along the pier, floating amongst ships and sailboats like a vessel at berth. The façade curves along the water, filtering light through deliberate openings that give visitors a glimpse of the cityscape. The crown of the theatre is a wooden framework that bears the weight of the main stage and foyer. Penetrating through the roof, the circular crown structure glows from within like a lantern reflecting across the harbor.