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HC home (Fusion Series)

CompanyRaw Furnishing Limited
Lead DesignersMike Ng, Christy Wong, Kevin Wong
Design TeamHC home-Fusion Series
Project LocationShenzhen
ClientHC home
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Fusion furniture series is using the China style concept mixing with Western modern design style together.The stainless steel material is not easy to combine with raw wood, however, we try to use the simple layout mixing together and re-develop new furniture concept.We use the western materials stainless steel and genuine leather fusion with China furniture structure and sculpture.We keep each style adventure and rebuild the whole furniture style.We want to make the China furniture more modern and unique, and maintain the raw wood cutting layout for our material.


I'm a design director at mr.workshop & mainly I focus on the furniture and interior design. My furniture products are called "fusihion", it mainly combine stainless steel with the raw wood material. It shows off two different kinds of materials mixed toegether and make it more harmony. My hobby is reading the design and technology things. Basically, I really like to see many different kinds of new technology and new design things. I hope in the coming future, I will become a famous designer in the worlds. Hope my wish is success and all the people can see my products in the market.

Awards and Prize

IDA design award at 1997, 3 hero design.
2002, 100 person enter the best of the rendering, at idats.com website.