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Norlan Whisky Glass

CompanySerial Future Visions, Inc.
Lead DesignersSruli Recht
Project LocationDesigned in Iceland. Refined in Scotland.
CreditsPhotos by Marino Thorlacius
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop
Entry Description

Inspired by nature, digitally crafted, and meticulously refined with a master distiller, the Norlan Whisky Glass was designed to capture whisky's complex flavors and aromatics, delivering them to the senses like never before. With the aid of specially developed protrusion forms inside the glass, whisky swirled within the bowl forms a standing wave shape, increasing the surface to air ratio and oxidization rate, reducing the presence of ethanol for more expressive aromas. The double-walled construction allows for a highly functional interior to be combined with a beautiful modern exterior.


Norlan is an international brand dedicated to modernizing the whisky drinking experience through design, science, and ritual.

Norlan is the first venture from Serial Future Visions, Inc., a hybrid design and research studio with a mission to investigate, conceptualize, develop and bring to fruition products, systems and services that are on the cusp of commercial feasibility and consumer or societal adoption.