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Huaxiang Church Community Centre - Urban Christianity in China

CompanyINUCE • Dirk U. Moench
Lead DesignersDirk U. Moench
Project LocationFuzhou City, China
ClientHuaxiang Christian Congregation
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

Located in the heart of Fuzhou, this sanctuary reflects a Christian Community’s hope to become a positive energy in the chaotic city. Adjacent to a historical church and entrenched by large blocks it acts as urban mediator - harmonizing contrasts in style and scale and complementing the church’s skyline. Finished in a traditional pebble dash technique the façade makes a counterstatement to the generic curtain walls encircling it. The roofs serve as elevated amphitheaters for open-air services and have become popular scenic spots also to the public offering a free view onto the old town nearby.