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Standard Dining Club

CompanyStudio Otto Felix
Lead DesignersOtto Felix
Design TeamTici Andriani, Bruno Bridi, Marcela Goraieb, Flávia Ganzelli, Giovanna Cino.
Project LocationCampinas, SP. Brazil.
CreditsPhotos by Denilson Machado.
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Interior Lighting, Bronze in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Since the beginning the idea was to design a Dining Club with this will for technology, focused on the use of interior lighting and natural materials, bringing a lot of personality to the brand and completely transforming the atmosphere. This connection with lighting, along with the facets as a high personality canvas, brought a totally unique appearance to the club. The use of natural materials as Pau-Ferro wood, different types of marbles and slate on the floor, carry a bit of this mix of a sophisticated place with the eminent comfort that these materials bring to people.