The Mighty Big Harvest Promotion - 2017

CompanyApplied Underwriters - Brand Communications
Lead DesignerNathan Wells
Design TeamAlex Egner, Jen Robison
ClientApplied Underwriters
CreditsPhotography, 360° Videos: Nathan Wells
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Direct Mail
Entry Description

DM 1: A box holding slate wine coasters announced the kickoff of this year’s Mighty Big Harvest promotion, and partnership between Applied Underwriters and Castello di Amorosa. The coasters have scenes from Napa Valley on one side, and a QR code to take them to online 360° videos. ( brochure featured ten rewards levels, from a bottle of wine to a weekend in Napa Valley.
DM 2: Our follow-up piece was a series of postcards featuring different wine varietals and the words "Just Add You", with perfed finger holes to allow the recipient to "hold" the glass.