FEMAP Nursing School

Lead DesignerRuben Escobar, Ricardo Pacheco, Roberto Najera
Design TeamRuben Escobar, Ricardo Pacheco, Roberto Najera
CreditsPhotos. Jorge Taboada
Prize(s)1st Place in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
Entry Description

Juarez, Mexico, resiliency is what best describes this city, a border city, bridging north and Latin America, a city of migrants and hardworking people, where resources are scarce and the environment is harsh. Where many cultures interact, and technologies, construction methods and materials are fused in an architecture that expresses that melting pot. FEMAP school is a project inserted in an area desolated and impoverished by crime and lack of public investment, as a mean to transform its surrounding environment, this non for profit entity, is aiming to transform thousands of students lives.