Seaholm Power Plant Offices

CompanyCharles Rose Architects Inc.
Lead DesignerCharles Rose
Design TeamSusi Sanchez
Clientathenahealth, Inc.
CreditsPhoto Credits: Casey Dunn
Prize(s)1st Place in Architecture Categories / Renovation
Entry Description

The 1948 art-deco inspired Seaholm Power Plant, is an historic concrete landmark in Austin, TX. Athenahealth, a healthcare technology company headquartered in Watertown, MA — with a penchant for occupying historical buildings—adaptively reused the building to meet their goal: adding 600 jobs in Austin by 2018. The design features open, flexible, and colorful work spaces on four floors, allowing employees to experience the dramatic and iconic monumental spaces, while working in a contemporary office environment. Natural light engulfs the turbine hall through ?? windows. Oversized skylights on t