The Centre of an Artful Lifestyle

CompanyPBB Creative
Lead DesignerRuth Chao
Design TeamMagdalene Lam, Han Shizi, Chen Liang, Zhang Xia
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Key Art
Entry Description

As the only art-centric building in Hong Kong, H Queen's brings together galleries, dining and retail ventures to the heart of Central. An artistic utopia, we intercept the three trademixes to create "the centre of an artful lifestyle". In the middle is 'art', where unique sculptures and paintings represent a spacious gallery. As it expands from the centre of the canvas, it intercepts with dining, where a couple indulges in gastronomical delights and retail, where a lady revels in her latest discoveries. The colours between the three spaces highlight the wonderful trichotomy within H Queen's.