Ireland Park

CompanyKearns Mancini Architects
Lead DesignerJonathan Kearns
Design TeamJonathan Kearns, Wayne Austin
ClientIreland Park Foundation
CreditsPhotos by: Trevor Kai, Jesse Bolles, Matthew Tsui
Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Landmarks, symbolic structures, memorials, public
Entry Description

Symbolically located on Toronto’s Waterfront, Ireland Park pays homage to the 38,000 immigrants who fled Ireland during the Great Famine. The site signifies where the Great Famine Immigrants would have arrived in Toronto in 1847 and serves as a reciprocal tribute to the Famine Memorial in Dublin that depicts their departure. Designed by Irish artist Rowan Gillespie, the haunting and emotive sculptures are a symbolic reminder of a historical tragedy. It also serves to remind us that famine has not remained in the past, but that it continues to plague millions of people around the world.