NVIDIA Headquarters

Lead DesignerPhilippe Pare
Design TeamSteve Weindel, Hao Ko, Danielle Benz, Manan Shah, Brent Van Gunten, Haji Ishikawa, Devan Porter, Mark Fairman, Eugene Lee, Scott DeWoody, Amy Kwok
ClientNVIDIA Corporation
CreditsPhotos 4,6,11 ©Jason O’Rear; others ©Connie Zhou
Prize(s)2nd Place in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

Designed to capture the soul of the company and optimize the creative/collaborative work environment, NVIDIA feels expansive and invites visitors to explore. Its two work floors are connected by a variety of oversized staircases that become places for spontaneous interaction and information exchange. The central core of the building—its “heart”—holds all amenities, conference rooms, and restrooms, drawing together the building’s inhabitants multiple times each day. High above is a mezzanine of lounges and relaxation spaces—an alternate workplace and another opportunity for collaboration.