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BREATH ing HEART installation

Lead DesignersJohanna Keimeyer
Design TeamJohanna Keimeyer, Raphael Schall, Heiko Pense, Ioannis Mihailidis, Felix Groll, Camille Lacadee, Kling Klang Klong, Thomas Herzig, Marizon Bilano
Project LocationArt Basel 2017, Art Fair Switzerland, Filter4 historical waterfilter building
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

BREATH ing HEART is an art installation by Johanna Keimeyer at Art Basel 2017 at Filter 4, Basel.

The installation is a walk-in heart, of 10 meter diameter (32ft), in which people can sit or lie down. This heart fills itself with air and pulses in a breathing rhythm accompanied by light, video, scent, and sound. All happening in the 1600 square meters (5250 sq ft) of the historical water filter building where the visitor perceives to be inside their body.

BREATH ing HEART combines architecture, light, scent, sounds and music to create an immersive interactive site-specific experience.


I am an expertiential artist and create immersive emotional experiences with interdisciplinary forms. This can be large scale art installations that are site specific or in the virtual world.

Combining cutting edge technology, with the philosophy of forging links between technology, art, fashion and design is my guiding path.

My customers are venues, museums, brands and art collectors that want to exhibit and commission the project. Furthermore sponsors like Novartis invest in my art to increase their brand reach.

Awards and Prize

2010 FACES OF DESIGN AWARD (FoD), Best Online Portfolio

2009 INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD (IDA), first place for category:
Student, Product Design, Lighting