CompanyNils-R. Schultze
Lead DesignerNils-R. Schultze
ClientBTB Berlin
Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Landscape Lighting
Entry Description

This Installation is using only 13 pix in high and 5 pix in width. In the normal way of function, it shows how many energy is inside the tanks. The goal was, to create a landmark.
Around the water tanks are rings with RGB-LED. The installation shows, how many energy is in the reservoirs. There is a second mode of the installation. Is a special way to perform the light rings, every ring can be controled individual. In this way the Installation change to a dynamic Light-Installation. There is a multitouch screen on which you can operate the lights. In this way it works for example with music.

Awards and Prize

German Lightdesignprice 2016 in the light-art topic
Winner German-Design-Price 2017
Winner a-design-awards-competition 2017