Stedelijk Gebied Eindhoven

CompanyTotal Identity
Lead DesignerEdwin van Praet
Design TeamCristian Sanders, Edwin van Praet, Marieke Roelofs, Elisabeth Kroon, Jurgen Peeters, Manfred Roosenstein, Eileen Bosman, Dmitri Berkhout
ClientStedelijk Gebied Eindhoven
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Catalogs
Entry Description

Meet Metropolitan Area Eindhoven, an area in the southern part of the Netherlands, which consists of nine collaborating municipalities. To explore the connections between, and the shared values of, these municipalities, we were asked to design and present this in the form of a booklet. To make this challenge more comprehensive, we took thematic viewpoints like living, working, recreating, and moving as our starting point. Based on these editorial pillars, we created an in-depth publication. We presented key figures and strong statements about economic prosperity in the region.


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