The 69Th Emmy Awards

Lead Designer9Ifx
Design Team9Ifx
ClientThe Other House/ The Television Academy
CreditsKey Art designed by The Other House
Prize(s)1st Place in Multimedia
Entry Description

Portland OR based VFX studio 9iFX, along with The Other House, had the privilege of designing, animating and delivering the key art for 2017 Emmys.

The Other House designed the branding for the Awards ceremony, and teamed up with 9iFX to develop the animation and simulations, bringing the sparkling trophy to life.

9iFX started with an animatic, locking in the camera motion. Particle simulations were used to create the dynamic sparkle effect. We modeled and animated the finished product in 4K 60fps footage.

*The Emmy® wording and statuette are registered trademarks of the Television Academy