Tadeo House

CompanyApaloosa. Estudio De Arquitectura
Lead DesignerLuis Armando Gómez Solorzano
Design TeamProyectista: Carlos Berdejo, Dibujante: Ana Magdalena Escobar, Estructurista: Alexander Coutiño, Renderista: Carlos Mario Pereyra
CreditsPhoto by: Carlos Berdejo Mandujano
Prize(s)2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Low cost housing
Entry Description

The project concept is based on the context study, so both the site and its resources were the guiding principles behind the proposal; they produced a character and identity that the state of Chiapas has lost in its need for housing and its promoters. The brick walls, coverings, and the exposed concrete throughout the entire lower level, served as a structural solution for the foundation. These same references are the source of its identity and echo traditional construction methods from the region reflecting its bioclimatic context, and constructive honesty in the elements and materials used.