The Dovecote-Granary

CompanyTiago Do Vale Architects
Lead DesignerTiago Do Vale
Design TeamTiago Do Vale, María Cainzos Osinde, With Maria João Araújo, Camille Martin, Eva Amor, Hugo Quintela
ClientAntónio Paulino, Casa Do Cruzeiro
CreditsJoão Morgado
Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Sustainable Living/Green
Entry Description

Built in the late XIX century, its starting point were two maize granaries. A common roof united them under which there was a dovecote. The space between the granaries was used to dry cereals, with two basculating panels controlling the ventilation.

With no proper maintenance the wood rapidly decayed. A strict reconstruction was needed with the most minute intervention to render it usable.

The Dovecote-Granary is now a sanctuary among the tree tops: the experience of the dancing shadows, gentle crossing breeze and late afternoon chirping fully defines its new purpose, function and use.