Address Food Hall

CompanyShahrooz Zomorrodi and Associates
Lead DesignerShahrooz Zomorrodi
Design TeamPayam Alrahman, Shirin Bagheri, Ali Moravej
ClientMr.Hosseini, Mr. Moradi and Partners
CreditsParham Taghiof, Saeed Faramarzi
Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Renovation
Entry Description

The Address Food Hall with a capacity of 4000 people per day, contains five restaurants and a cafe. Due to the limited surface area for dining, elevated platforms of various sizes are used to provide additional seating.These multi-level platforms allow for a volumetric occupation of the space. A series of stairs and bridges connect these platforms and allow for fluid movement of users from one level to another. The configuration of platforms create multiple viewpoints which displays the nature assimilated by today's industrial world in a surreal space and forest made of iron.

Awards and Prize

Project: Address Food Hall
Memar Magazine, Renovation, Finalists, December 2017.