A Green Belt of The City

CompanyChang-Gii Design Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignerLi-Jen Chang
Prize(s)3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Landscape
Entry Description

Located at Wenshan Dist. in Taichung City, the high-grade apartment is designed based on the idea of environmental protection mitigating urban heat island effect and securing life quality.

“Building up an ecological garden in a city,” the main idea of design brings sustainable lifestyle to people from the perspectives of ecological environment, natural pool, and life.

Following the growing emphasis on “green building” as part of sustainable urban development, focuses on a large area of environmental afforestation which will be an indicator evaluating “green city” in the future.


Design with real insight into the needs of households’ life. We plan for stylish appearance, high functional, and scientific spirit by precision, planning and measuring. We do not target a particular style, no repeated cycles applied, but tailor-made thinking for clients.