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Solidharmony - Bathtub and Washbasin Series

CompanyMK Industrie Design
Lead DesignersMarkus Kurkowski
Design TeamMarkus Kurkowski & Michael Katsanis
Project LocationVeere, Netherlands
ClientIdeavit B.V.
Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Bathroom Fittings/Appliances
Entry Description

Inspired by the motion of restless waves the shape of this product series - consisting of bathtub and washbasins - called Solidharmony is characterized by its wavy and recurring contours. The appearance of these bathroom objects is changing from each point of view. Users are invited to access the bathtub via its lowest point while they can use the highest point as assistance. A vaulted profile of the inside and outside offers extraordinary smooth haptics and high quality matte surface due to its material Solid Surface.