CompanyMoroni Inc
Lead Designer
ClientStanley Friedman
Prize(s)3rd Place in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Casa Blanca - Designed by Stanley Jay Friedman, serious
consideration and skilled hands folded and stitched the
subtle Italian leather into inverted pleats, which is wrapped
around the arms, and the ends of the inside back. Rich
black leather was used inside the invert so to contrast with
the Luggage Tan leather and make more obvious the
elegant detail. Casa Blanca is also showing off newly
designed steel angled legs in a satin black finish to correlate
with the black inverted pleat detailing. In addition, the
buttoned seat and exquisite craftsmanship, plus the subtle
curve of Casa Blanca’s footprint make for the always
beautiful modern aesthetics for the MORONIUSA signature.